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A survey of sustainable development : social and economic dimensions
Washington, D.C.: Island Press. 2001. 409 p.
Responsabilidad ed. Jonathan M. Harris, Timothy A. Wise, Kevin P. Gallager, and Neva R. Goodwin
ISBN 1-55963-863-X
Otros detalles físicos ilus., tablas, cuadros
Serie Frontier issues in economic thought; 6
Nota de bibliografía Bibliografía: p. 369-387
Autores adicionales Harris, Jonathan M., ed...[et al]

Resumen General

Harris, Jonathan M. Economics of Sustainability: the Environmental Dimension –overview essay-     p. 3
Constanza, Robert; Daly, Herman E. Natural Capital and Sustainable development     p. 14
Munda, Giuseppe Environmental economics, Ecological economics, and the concepts of sustainable development     p. 17
Page, Talbot On the problem of achieving efficiency and equity, intergenerationally     p. 21
Toman, Michael A. Economics and “sustainability”: balancing trade-offs and imperatives     p. 25
Martinez-Alier, Juan From Political Economy to Political ecology     p. 29
El Serafy, Salah Green accounting and economic policy     p. 33
Hamilton, Kirk; Clemens, Michael Are we saving enough for the future?     p. 37
Stern, David I. Progress on the environmental Kuznets Curve?     p. 42
Wise, Timothy A. Economics of Sustainability: the Social Dimensions –overview essay-     p. 47
ul Haq, Mahhub The human development paradigm     p. 58
Chambers, Robert Sustainable livelihoods: the poor´s reconciliation of environment and development     p. 61
Gore, Charles Markets, citizenship, and social exclusion     p. 64
Razavi, Shahra Gendered poverty and well-being     p. 68
Evans, Peter Government action, social capital and development: reviewing the evidence on synergy     p. 75
Tendler, Judith Good government in the tropics     p. 75
Wise, Timothy A. Global Perspectives: the North/South Imbalance –overview essay-     p. 79
Porter Philip W.; Sheppard, Eric S. Views from the periphery: encountering development     p. 90
Sachs, Wolfgang Global ecology and the Shadow of development     p. 94
Shiva,Vandana Biodiversity: a third world perspective     p. 98
Agarwal, Anil; Narain, Sunita Global warming in an unequal world: a case of environmental colonialism     p. 104
Rahman, A. Atiq Lifestyle is the problem     p. 104
Lipietz, Alain Enclosing the global commons: global environmental negotiations in a north-south conflitual approach     p. 107
Harris, Jonhatah M. Population and urbanization –overview essay-     p. 115
Birdsall, Nancy Government, population, and poverty: a win-win tale     p. 128
C.S. Holling An ecologist view of the Malthusian conflict     p. 131
Lipton, Michael Acelerated resources degradation by agriculture in developing countries?: the role of population change and responses to it     p. 134
Scherr, Sara J. People and environment: what is the relationship between exploitation of natural resources and population growth in the south?     p. 137
Krishna-Hensel, Sai Felicia Population and urbanization in the twenty-first century: India´s megacities     p. 142
Connolly, Priscilla Mexico city: our common future     p. 145
Sheehan, Molly O’Meara Reinventing cities for people and the planet     p. 149
Harris, Jonathan M. Agriculture and Renewable Resources –overview essay-     p. 155
Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Pandya-Lorch, Rajul Food security and sustainable use of natural resources: a 2020 vision     p. 164
Conway, Gordon Sustainable agriculture     p. 168
Rissler Jane; Mellen, Margaret Environmental risk posed by transgenic crops     p. 172
Ehrlich, Paul R.; Daily, Gretchen C. Population extinction and saving biodiversity     p. 176
Platt McGinn, Anne Rocking the boat: conserving fisheries and protecting jobs     p. 179
Myers, Norman The world’s forests: problems and potentials     p. 183
Ackerman, Frank Materials, Energy, and Climate Change –overview essay–     p. 189
Wernick, Iddo; K. Herman, Robert ; Govind, Shekhar Materialization and dematerialization: measures and trends     p. 198
Ackerman, Frank Material use and sustainable affluence     p. 202
Byrne, John M.; Shen, Bo ; Li, Xiuguo Balancing China’s energy, economic, and environmental goals     p. 205
Fox-Penner, Peter Environmental Quality, energy efficiency, and renewable energy     p. 208
Repetto, Robert; Austin, Duncan The cost of climate protection: a guide for the perplexed     p. 212
Lind, Robert C.; Schuler, Richard E. Equity and discounting in climate-change decisions     p. 216
Gallagher, Kevin P. Globalisation and Sustainability –overview essay–     p. 223
Streeten, Paul Globalization: threat or salvation?     p. 229
Daly, Herman E. From adjustment to sustainable development: the obstacle of free trade     p. 232
Boyce, James K. Ecological distribution, agricultural trade liberalization: and in situ genetic diversity     p. 235
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Ghai Dharam; Hewitt de Alcantara, Cynthia Globalization and social integration     p. 248
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Timoshenko Alexandre; Berman, Mark The United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Development Programme     p. 362
Shiva, Vandana Conflicts of global Ecology: environmental activism in period of global reach     p. 365

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