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Global governance
Aldershot : Burlington: Ashgate. 2008. xxi, 582 páginas
Responsabilidad editado por Lisa Martin
ISBN 9780754627449
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Serie The library of essays in international relations
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690a Relaciones Internacionales
Autores adicionales Martin, Lisa, editora

Resumen General

Keohane, Robert O. Governance in a partially globalized world.     p. 3-15
Tiebout, Charles M. A pure theory of local expeditures.     p. 17-25
Lake, David Anarchy, hierarchy and the variety of international relations.     p. 27-59
Hooghe, Liesbet; Marks, Gary Unraveling the central state, but how? Types of multi-level gobernance.     p. 61-71
Mansfield, Edward D.; Pevehouse, C. Jon; Bearce, David H. Preferential trading arrangements and military disputes.     p. 75-101
Hurd, Ian The strategic use of liberal internationalism: libya and the UN Sanctions, 1992-2003.     p. 103-134
Thompson, Alexander Coercion through IOs: the security council and the logic of information transmission.     p. 135-168
Mattli, Walter; Büthe, Tim Seting international standars: technological rationality or primacy of power?     p. 171-212
Simmons, Beth A.; Elkins, Zachary The globalization of liberalization: policy diffusion in the internaional political economy.     p. 213-231
Woods, Ngaire; Lombardi, Domenico Uneven patterns of governance: how developing countries are represented in the IMF.     p. 233-268
Held, David Regulating globalization? the reinvention of politics.     p. 271-285
Steinberg, Richard H. Judicial lawmaking at the WTO: discursive, constitutional, and political constraints.     p. 287-315
Gilligan, Michael J. Is enforcement necessary for effectiveness? A model of the international criminal regime.     p. 317-349
Ku, Charlotte; Diehl, Paul F. Filling in the gaps: extrasystemic mechanisms for addressing imbalances between the international legal operating system and the normative system     p. 351-373
Pevehouse, Jon C. With a little help from my friends? Regional organiaztions and the consolidation of democracy     p. 377-392
Kelley, Judith International actors on the domestic scene: membership conditionally and socialization by international institutions     p. 393-425
Hafner- Burton, Emile M. Trading human Rights: how preferential trade agreements influence government repression     p. 427-463
Grant, Ruth W.; Keohane, Robert O. Accountability and abuses of power in world politics     p. 467-481
Acharya, Amitav How ideas spread: whose noms matter? Norm localization and institutional change in asian regionalism     p. 483- 519
Voeten, Erik The political origins of the UN security council´s ability to legitimize the use of force     p. 521- 551
Cutler, Claire A. Locating "Autority" in the global political economy     p. 553-575

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