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Agriculture and the environment : perspectives on sustainable rural development
Washington: World Bank. 1998. xiv, 383 p.
Responsabilidad ed. por Ernst Lutz
ISBN 0-8213-4249-5
Otros detalles físicos cuadros; gráficos; tablas
Nota de bibliografía Incluye bibliografía
Autores adicionales Lutz, Ernst, ed.

Resumen General

Hazell, Peter; Lutz, Ernst Integrating enviromental and sustainability concerns into rural development policies     p. 9-21
Heath, John; Binswanger, Hans P. Policy-induced effects of natural resource degradation: the case of Colombia     p. 22-34
Pretty, Jules N. Toward more conducive policies for sustainable agriculture     p. 35-49
Holden, Stein T.; Binswanger, Hans P. Small-farmer decisionmaking, market imperfections, and natural resource management in developing countries     p. 50-70
Anderson, Kym Agricultural trade reforms, research initiatives, and the enviroment     p. 71-82
Bromley, Daniel W. Property regimes in economic development: lessons and policy implications     p. 83-91
Hazell, Peter Equity and environmental "modifiers" for rural development policies     p. 92-94
Narayan, Deepa Participatory rural development     p. 103-117
Farrington, John; Thiele, Graham Innovative approaches to techonology generation and dissemination for low-income farmers     p. 130-144
Bunch, Roland People-centered agricultural development: principles of extension for achieving long-term impact     p. 145-155
Deininger, Klaus Making market-assisted land reform work: initial experience from Colombia, Brazil and South Africa     p. 156-174
Caldecott, Julian; Lutz, Ernst Descentralization and biodiversity conservation     p. 175-185
Quisumbing, Agnes R.; Brown, Lynn B.; Haddad Lawrence The importance of gender issues for environmentally and socially sustainable rural development     p. 186-202
Lutz, Ernst; Pagiola, Estefano; Reiche, Carlos The costs and benefits of soil conservation in central America and the Caribbean     p. 215-229
Srivastava, Jitendra; Smith, Nigel;Forno, Douglas A. Toward a strategy for mainstraming biodiversity in agricultual development     p. 230-241
Schillhorn van Veen, Tjaart, et. al Integrated pest management: strategies and policies for effective implementation     p. 242-253
Pingali, Prabhu L.; Gerpacio, Roberta V. Toward reduce pesticide use for cereal crops in Asia     p. 254-270
Chakravorty, Ujjayant The economic and enviroment: issues and options     p. 254-270
Steinfeld, Henning; Haan, Cornelis;Blackburn Livestock and Enviromet issues and options     823-303
Kaimowitz, David; Byron, Neil;Sunderlin Public policies to reduce innappriat tropicel desotestacion     p. 303-322
Current, Dean; Lutz, Ernst; Scherr Costs, benefits and farmer adoption of agroforesty     p.323-3444

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