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Four neotropical rainforests
New York: Yale University Press. 1990. 627 p.
Responsabilidad ed. por Alwyn H. Gentry
ISBN 0-300-05448-3
Otros detalles físicos tablas ; cuadros ; gráficos
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Autores adicionales Gentry, Alwyn H., ed.

Resumen General

Gentry, Alwyn H. Introduction     p. 1-8
Clark, B., David La selva biological station: a blueprint for stimulating tropical research     p. 9-27
Giles Leigh, Egbert; Wright, Joseph Barro colorado island and tropical biology     p. 28-47
Terborgh, John An overview of research at cicha cashu biological station     p. 48-59
Lovejoy, Thomas E.; Bierregaard, Richard Central amazonian forests and the minimum critical size of ecosystems project     p. 60-72
Hammel, Barry The distribution of diversity among families, genera, and habit types in the la selva flora     p. 75-84
Foster, Robin; Hubbell, Stephen The floristic composition of the barro colorado island forest     p. 85-98
Foster, Robin The floristic composition of the rio manu floodplain forest     p. 99-111
Prance, Ghilleant T. The floristic composition of the forests of central amazonian brazil     p. 112-140
Gentry, Alwyn H. Floristic similarities and differences between southern central america and upper and central amazonia     p. 141-158
Blake, John; Stiles, Gary ; Loiselle, Bette Birds of la selva biological station: habitat use, trophic composition, and migrants     p. 161-182
Karr, James The avifauna of barro colorado island and the pipeline road, panama     p. 183-198
Robinson, Scott; Terborgh, John Bird communities of the cocha cashu biological satation in amazonian peru     p. 199-216
Bierregaard, Richard Species composition and troohic organization of the understory bird community in a central amazonian terra firme forest     p. 217-236
Robinson, Scott; Karr, James ; Blake, John ; Bierregaard, Richard Birds of four neotropical forests     p. 237-270
Wilson, Don E. Mammals of la selva, costa rica     p. 273-286
Glanz, William Neotropical mamal densities: how unusual is the community on barro colorado island, panama?     p. 287-313
Janson, Charles; Emmons, Louise Ecological structure of the nonflying mamal community at cocha cashu biological station, manu national park, peru     p. 314-338
Malcolm, Jay Estimation of mammalian densities in continuous forest north of manaus     p. 339-357
Einsenberg, John F. Neotropical mammal communities     p. 358-368
Guyer, Craig The herpetofauna of la selva, costa rica     p. 371- 385
Rand, A. Stanley; Myers, Charles W. The gerpetofauna of barro colorado island, panama: an ecological summary     p. 386-409
Rodriguez, Lily; Cadle, John A, preliminary overview of the herpetofauna of cocha cashu, manu national park, peru     p. 410- 425
Zimmerman, Barbara; Rodrigues, Miguel Frogs, snakes, and lizards of the INPA-WWF reserves near manaus, brazil     p. 426-454
Duellman, William E. Herpetofaunas in neotropical rainforests: comparative composition, history, and resource use     p. 455-506
Lieberman, Diana; Hartshorn, Gary S ; Lieberman, Milton ; Peralta, Rodolfo Forest dynamics at la selva biological station, costa rica, 1969-1985     p. 509-521
Hubell, Stephen; Foster, Robin Structure, dynamics, and equilibrium status of old-growth forest on barro colorado island     p. 522-541
Gentry, Alwyn H.; Terborgh, John Composition and dynamics of the cocha cashu ''mature'' floodplain forest     p. 542-564
Foster, Robin Long-term change in the successional forest community of the rio manu floodplain     p. 565-572
Rankin-de-Merona, Judy M.; Hutchings H, Roger W ; Lovejoy, Thomas Tree mortality and recruitment over a five-year period in undisturbed upland rainforest of the central amazon     p. 573-584
Hartshorn, Gary An Overview of neotropical forest dynamics     p. 585-600

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