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Agenda setting : readings on media, public opinion, and policymaking
New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 1991. ix, 310 p. *
Responsabilidad ed. por David L. Protess y Maxwell McCombs
ISBN 0-8058-0841-8
Otros detalles físicos cuadros, gráficos, tablas
Nota de bibliografía Incluye bibliografía
Autores adicionales Protess, David L., ed. ; McCombs, Maxwell, ed.

Resumen General

Lippmann, Walter Public opinion     p. 5-15
McCombs, Maxwell; Shaw, Donald The agenda-setting function of mass media     p. 17-26
Downs, Anthony Up and down with ecology: the "issue-attention cycle"     p. 27-33
Funkhouser, G. Ray The issues of the Sixties: an exploratory study in the dynamics of public opinion    
Ray Funkhouser, G The Issues of the Sixties: an exploratory study in the dynamics of Public Opinion     p. 35- 42
McLeod, Jack. Lee B. Becker; James E. Byrnes Another look at the Agenda- Setting Function of the Press     p. 47- 60
Benton , Marc; Jean Frazier The Agenda -setting function of the mass media at threee levels of information Holding     p. 61- 70
Gordon, Margaret T.; Linda Heath The News Business , Crime ,and fear     p. 71- 74
Smith, Kim A Newspaper Coverage and Public Concern about community issues     p. 75- 88
Iyengar, Shanto; Mark E. Peters, Donald R. Kinder Experimental Demonstrations of the Not-so-Minimal Consequences of Television News Programs     p. 89- 96
Winter, James P.; Chaim H. Eyal Agenda Setting for the Civil Rights Issue     p. 101- 108
Palmgreen, Philip; Peter Clarke Agenda Setting with local and national Issues     p. 109- 118
Erwind Atwood, L.; Ardyth B. Sohn, Harold Sohn Daily Newspaper Contributions to Community Discussion     p. 119- 126
Schoenbach, Klaus Agenda -Setting Effects of print and Television in west Germany     p. 127- 130
Weaver, David H. Political Issues and Voter Need for Orientation     p. 131- 140
Hill, David B. Viewer Characteristics and Agenda-Setting by Television News     p. 141- 148
Rivers, William L. The Media as Shadow Government     p. 153- 160
Nelson, Barbara Making an Issue of Child Abuse     p. 161- 170
Protess, David L.; Fay Lomax Cook, Thomas R. Curtin The Impact of Investigative Reporting on Public Opinion and Policymaking: Targeting toxic waste     p. 171- 188
Lomak Cook, Fay; Wesley G. Skogan Convergent and Divergent Voice Models of the rise and Fall of Policy Issues     p. 189- 206
Vanslyke Turk, Judy Public Relation´s Influence on the News     p. 211- 222
Gilberg, Sheldon; Chaim Eyal, Maxwell Mc Combs and david Nichola The State of the Union Address and the press agenda     p. 223- 228
Whitney, Charles D.; Lee B. Becker Keeping the gates for Gatekeepers: the effects of wire news     p. 229- 236
Reese, Stephen D.; Lucig H Danielian Intermedia Influence and the drug Issue: converging on cocaine     p. 237- 250
williams, Wenmouth; Mitchell Shapiro The impact of campaign Agendas on Perceptions of Issues     p. 251- 260
Gandy, Oscar Beyond Agenda Setting     p. 263- 276
Engel Lang, Gladys; Kurt Lang Watergate: an exploration of the agenda building process     p. 277- 290
Burd, Gene A Critique of two decades of agenda setting research     p. 291- 294
Bibliography     p. 295

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