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Anthropology and the global factory : studies of the new industrialization in the late twentieth century
New York: Bergin & Garvey. 1992. ix ; 285 p.
Responsabilidad ed. por Frances Abrahamer Rothstein ; Michael L. Blim
ISBN 0-89789-233-x
Otros detalles físicos gráficas; tablas
Nota de bibliografía Bibliografía: p. 247-278
Autores adicionales Rothstein, Frances Abrahamer, ed. ; Blim, Michael L., ed.

Resumen General

Blim, Michael L. Introduction: The Emerging Global Factory and Anthropology     1-30
Abrahamer Rothstein, Frances What Happens to the Past? Return Industrial Migrants in Latin America     33-46
Smart, Alan; Smart, Josephine Capitalist Production in a Socialist Society. The Transfer of Manufacturing from Hong Kong to China     47-61
Lessinger, Johanna Nonresident-Indian Investment and India´s Drive for Industrial Modernization     62-82
Blim, Michael L. Small-Scale Industralization in a Rapidly Changing World Market     85-101
Buechler, Hans C.; Buechler, Judith Maria Spanish Galician Industralization and the Europe of 1992: A Contextual Analysis     102-118
Caulkins, Douglas The Unexpected Entrepenours: Small High-Technology Firms, Technology Transfer, and Regional Development in Wales and Northeast England     119-135
Cooper, Eugene; Pan, Xiong Rural Industrial Enterprise and "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics"     136-148
Koptiuch, Kristin Informal Sectorization of Egyptian Petty Commodity Production     149-160
Jaffee, Georgina Industrial Decentralization and Women´s Employment in South Africa     161-174
Greenwood, Davydd J. Labor-Managed Systems and Industrial Redevelopment: Lessons from the Fagor Cooperative Group of Mondragon     177-190
Kingsolver, Ann E. Tobacco, Textiles, and Toyota: Working for Multinational Corporations in Rural Kentucky     191-205
Susser, Ida Women as Political Actors in Rural Puerto Rico: Continuity and Change     206-219
Kim, Seung-kyung Women Workers and the Labor Movement in South Korea     220-237
Abrahamer Rothstein, Frances Conclusion: New Waves and Old: Industralization, Labor, and the Struggle for a New World Order     238-246

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