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Challenges to democracy : ideas, involvement and institutions
Gran Bretaña: Palgrave : Political Studies Association. 2001. xviii, 267 p. *
Responsabilidad ed. por Keith Dowding , James Hughes y Helen Margetts
ISBN 0-333-78982-2
Serie Political Studies Association Yearbook Series
Volumen (en la Serie) 2000
Nota de bibliografía Incluye bibliografía
Autores adicionales Dowding,Keith, ed.
Margetts,Helen, ed.
Hughes,James, ed.

Resumen General

Dahl, Robert A. Political Equality in the Coming Century     p. 3-17
Wolff, Jonathan Levelling Down     p. 18-32
Radcliff, Benjamin The Political Economy of Human Happiness     p. 33-45
Ott, Jan Freedom and the Achievement of Happiness     p. 46-58
Johnston, Ron; Pattie, Charles Is There a Crisis of Democracy in Great Britain? Turnout at General Elections Reconsidered     p. 61-80
Milner, Henry Social Capital, Civic Literacy and Political Participation: Explaining Differences in Voter Turnout     p. 81-99
Norris, Pippa A Virtuous Circle? The Impact of Political Communications in Post-Industrial Democracies     p. 100-117
Jordan, Tim Hacktivism: Direct Action on the Electronic Flows of Information Societies     p. 118-130
Parkinson, John Deliberative Democracy and Referendums     p. 131-152
Blakeley, Georgina Creating Spaces of Deliberation in Barcelona: It´s Good to Talk?     p. 153-166
Pridham, Geoffrey External Influences on Party Development and Transnational Party Cooperation: The Case of Post-Commuist Europe     p. 169-187
Burnell, Peter Promoting Parties and Party System in New Democracies: Is There Anything the `International Community´ Can Do?     p. 188-204
Lodge, Martin Regulatory Accountability: Towards a Single Citizen-Consumer Model?     p. 205-219
Perri 6 E-governance: Webwer´s Revenge?     p. 220-236
Ostrom, Elinor Decentralization and Development: The New Panacea     p. 237-256

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