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A history of visual culture : western civilization from the 18th to the 21st century
New York: Berg. 2010. 403 p. *
Responsabilidad ed. por Jane Kromm ; Susan Benforado Bakewell
ISBN 978 1 84520 492 1
Otros detalles físicos il., cuadros
Serie Art / Visual Culture
Nota de bibliografía Incluye bibliografía
Temas ARTE
Autores adicionales Kromm, Jane, ed.
Benforado Bakewell, Susan, ed.

Resumen General

Kromm, Jane General introduction     p, 1-12
Weston, Helen The politics of visibility in revolutionary France: projecting on the streets     p. 18-29
Taws, Richard Ninetheenth-Century revolutions and strategies of visual persuasion     p. 30-41
Guffey, Elizabeth Socialist movements and the development of the political poster     p. 42-53
Stojanovic, Jelena Avant-garde art and the culture of protest: the use-value of iconoclasm     p. 54-65
Kromm, Jane To collect is to quantify and describe: visual practices in the development of modern science     p. 73-88
Brauer, Fae The transparent body: biocultures of evolution, eugenics, and scientific racism     p. 89-103
McPherson, Heather Biology and crime: degeneracy and the visual trace     p. 104-116
Anderson, Nancy Visual models and scientific breakthroughs: the virus and the geodesic dome: pattern, production, abstraction, and the ready-made model     p. 117-130
Balducci, Temma Gaze, body, and sexuality: modern rituals of looking and being looked at     p. 136-146
Kromm, Jane The Flâneur/Flâneuse phenomenon     p. 147-156
Shapira, Elana Gaze and spectacle in the calibration of class and gender: visual culture in Vienna     p. 157-168
Brauer, Fae The stigmara of abjection: degenerate limbs, hysterical skin, and the tattooed body     p. 169-183
Kromm, Jane To the arcade: the world of the shop and the store     p. 190-199
Ogata, Amy F. "To see is to know": visual knowledge at the international expositions     p. 200-210
Bakewell, Susan Benforado Changing museum spaces: from the Prado to the Guggenheim Bilbao     p. 211-223
Golec, Michael J. Desing for display culture: domestic engineering to design research     p. 224-235
Potter, Matthew Orientalism and its visual regimes: Lovis Corinth and imperialism in the art of the Kaiserreich     p. 243-254
Wood, Marcus Marketing the slave trade: slavery, photography, and emancipation: time and freedom in "The life of the picture"     p. 255-266
Masteller, Kimberly Cultures of confiscation: the collection, appropriation, and destruction of South Asian art     p. 267-280
Shabout, Nada Trading cultures: the Boundary Issues of globalización     p. 281-291
Kromm, Jane Introduction     p. 292-295
Sperling, Joy Multiples and reproductions: prints and photographs in nineteenth-century England. Visual communities, cultures, and class     p. 296-308
Kromm, Jane Inventing the Mise-en Scène: German expressionism and the silent film set     p. 309-318
Warren, Sarah The reality of the abstract image: rethinking spirituality in abstraction     p. 319-331
Kromm, Jane Introduction     p. 332-336
DeMartini-Squires, Brenda Now you see it: desinformation and disorientation on the internet     p. 337-345
Shields, M. Kathryn Carnival Mirrors: the hermetic world of the music video     p. 346-355
Ferranto, Matt Digital Self-fashioning in cyberspace: the new digital self-portrait     p. 356-366
Danahay, Martin A. Feats of simulation and the world of video games: art, cinema, and interactivity     p. 367-375
Kaczmarek, Chris What you se is what you get, or reality is what you take from it     p. 376-384

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