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The social movements reader : cases and concepts
United States of America: Wiley-Blackwell : John Wiley and Sons, Ltd. Publication. 2009. xiv, 458 p.
Responsabilidad ed. por Jeff Goodwin y James M. Jasper
ISBN 978-1-4051-8764-0
Edición (número o identificador) 2ª ed.
Otros detalles físicos il., cuadros, gráficos
Serie Blackwell Readers in Sociology
Autores adicionales Goodwin, Jeff, ed.
Jasper, James M., ed.

Resumen General

Goodwin, Jeff Introduction     p. 1-3
Blumberg, Rhoda Lois The civil rights movement: (from civil rights: the 1960s freedom struggle)     p. 14-23
Freeman, Jo The women´s movement: (from "the origins of the wome´s liberation movement")     p. 24-35
D´Emilio, John The Gay liberation movement: (from sexual politics, sexual communities)     p. 36-41
Kurzman, Charles The Iranian revolution: (from "structural and perceived opportunity: the Iranian revolution of 1979")     p. 42-52
Olson, Mancur The Free-rider problem: (from the logic of collective action)     p. 60-65
McAdam, Doug Recruits to civil rights activism (from freedom summer)     p. 66-74
Cotgrove, Stephen; Duff, Andrew Middle-class radicalism and environmentalism: (from "environmentalism, middle-class radicalism and politics")     p. 75-83
Kurzman, Charles Whor are the radical islamists?: (from "BinLaden and other Thoroughly modern muslims")     p. 84-90
Hirsch, Eric L. Generating commitment among students: (from "sacrifice for the cause: group processes, recruitment, and commitment in a student social movement")     p. 95-96
Whittier, Nancy Sustaining commitment among radical feminists: (from feminist generations)     p. 96-104
Lalich, Janja True believers and charismatic cluts: (from bounded choice)     p. 105-116
Klandermans, Bert Disengaging from movements: (from the social psychology)     p. 117-127
Klandermans, Bert Disengaging from movements: (from the social psychology of protest     p. 128-139
Luker, Kristin World views of pro-and anti-abortion activist: (from abortion and the politics of motherhood)     p. 143-145
Mansbridge, Jane J. ideological purity in the women´s movement: (from why we lost the ERA)     p. 146-160
Ryan, Charlotte; Gamson, William A. Are frames enough?: (from "the art of reframing political Debate")     p. 161-166
Jasper, James M. The emotions of protest: (from "the emotions of protest")     p. 167-174
McCarthy, John D.; Zald, Mayer N. Social movement organizations: (from "resource mobilization and social movements: a partial theory")     p. 192-193
Clemens, Elisabeth Organizational repertoires: (from "Organizational repertoires and institutional change: women´s groups and the transformation of U.S. politics, 1890 1920")     p. 193-210
Wapner, Paul Transnational environmental activism: (from "politics beyond the state: envorinmental activism and world civic Politics")     p. 211-226
Smith, Jackie Thetransnational network for democratic Globalización (from social movements for global democracy)     p. 227-236
Alinsky, Saul D. Protest tactics (from rules for radicals)     p. 254-255
Morris, Aldon Tactical innovation in the civil rights movement: (from the origins of the civil rights movment)     p. 259-278
Seidman, Gay Armed struggle in the South African anti-apartheid movement     p. 279-294
Brym, Robert J. Suicide Bombing     p. 295-301
Auyero, Javier Everyday life, routine politics, and protest     p. 302-310
Jenkins, J. Craig; Perrow, Charles Farmworkers´movements in changing political contexts     p. 317-332
Gitlin, Todd The media in the unmaking of the new left     p. 333-344
Ron, James; Ramos, Howard ; Rodgers, Kathleen What shapes the west´s human rights focus?     p. 345-352
Bob, Clifford The quest for international allies     p. 353-363
Lerner, Stephen Global corporations, global unions     p. 364-370
Epstein, Barbara The decline of the women´s movement     p. 378-382
Gamson, Joshua The dilemmas of identity politics     p. 383-392
Brockett, Charles D. The repression/protest paradox in Central America     p. 393-399
Roxborough, Ian Counterinsurgency     p. 400-408
Gamson, William A. Defining movement "success"     p. 414-416
Meyer, David S. How social movements matter     p. 417-422
Sherkat, Darren E.; Blocker, Jean T. The personal consequences of protest     p. 423-434
Naguib Pellow, David; Brulle, Robert J. Environmental justice     p. 435-440

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