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Debating diversity : clashing perspectives on race and ethnicity in america
New York ; Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2002. 268 p. *
Responsabilidad ed. Ronald Takaki
ISBN 0 19 514651 4
Edición (número o identificador) 3a ed.
Nota de bibliografía Incluye Bibliografía
Temática geográfica ESTADOS UNIDOS
Autores adicionales Takaki, Ronald, ed.

Resumen General

Glazer, Nathan The emergence of an American Ethnic Pattern     p. 7-22
Takaki, Ronald Reflections on racial patterns in America     p. 23-36
Jackson Turner, Frederick The significance of the Frotier in American history     p. 39-54
Takaki, Ronald The siginifance of the frontier in native american history     p. 55-74
Hintington, Samuel P. The clash of civilizations: in the world and the U.S.     p. 75-80
Martínez, Elizabeth Reinventing "America": call for a new national identity     p. 81-86
Oscar; Handlin, Mary F. Origins of the southern labor system     p. 89-99
Takaki, Ronald Why the switch to slavery: fears of rebellious white workers     p. 100-108
Dubois, W. E. B. The paradoxical tragedy of white and black laborers in the south     p. 109-117
Sitkoff, Harvard Organized labor and civil rights     p. 118-128
Almaguer, Tomás Racial domination and class conflict in capitalist agriculture: the oxnard sugar beet worker´s strike of 1903     p. 129-141
Chang, Grace Immigrants and workfare workers     p. 142-152
Glenn, Susan A. A bridge to college for jewish sons: daughters in the sweatshops     p. 153-159
Miranda King, Lourdes Double discriminaation for Puerto Rican Women     p. 160-164
Thorton Dill, Bonnie Race, class, and gender: prospects for an an all-inclusive sisterhood     p. 165-175
Hom, Alice Y. Stories from the homefront: perspectives of Asian American parents with lesbian daughters and gays sons     p. 176-183
Nakashima, Cynthia L. Voices from the movement: approaches to multiraciality     p. 184-196
Kristol, Irving The negro today is like the immigrant yesterday     p. 197-206
Julius Wilson, Willilam The black community: race and class     p. 207-216
Samuelson, Robert J. The limits of immigration     p. 217-218
Defreitas, Gregory Fear of foreigners: immigrants as scapegoats for domestic woes     p. 219-223
Wilson, James Q. What to do about crime     p. 224-236
Currie, Elliott What to do and not to do about crime     p. 237-243
Wilson, Pete Ending affirmative action     p. 244-245
Chan-Lin, Tien Defending affirmative action     p. 246-247
Glazer, Nathan American blacks, it turned out, are not like immigrants of yesterday     p. 248-254
Schlesinger, Arthur The return to the melting pot     p. 257-259
Takaki, Ronald A different mirror: multicultural ties that bind America     p. 260-268

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