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Critical race theory : the cutting edge
Philadelphia: Temple University Press. 1995. xvi, 592 p. *
Responsabilidad ed. por Richard Delgado
ISBN 1-56639-348-5
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Autores adicionales Delgado, Richard, ed.

Resumen General

Bell, Derrick Racial realism - after we´re gone: prudent speculations on America in a Post-racial epoch     p. 2-8
Olivas, Michael A. The chronicles, my grandfather´s stories, and immigration law: the slave traders chronicle as racial history     p. 9-20
Spann, Girardeau A. Pure politics     p. 21-34
Ross, Thomas The richmond narratives     p. 38-47
Torres, Gerald; Milun, Kathryn Translating yonnondio by precedent and evidence: the pashpee indian case     p. 48-55
Russell, Margaret M. Race and the dominant gaze: narratives of law and inequality in popular film     p. 56-63
Delgado, Richard Legal storytelling: storytelling for oppositionists and others : a plea for narrative     p. 64-74
Bell, Derrick Property rights in whiteness - Their legal legacy, their economic costs     p. 75-83
Williams, Patricia J. Alchemical notes: reconstructing ideals from deconstructed rights     p. 84-94
Williams, Robert A., Jr. Documenbts of barbarism: the contemporary legacy of European racism and colonialism in the narrative traditions of Federal Indian Laws     p. 98-109
Dudziak, Mary L. Desegregation as a Cold war imperative     p. 110-121
Gordon, James W. Did the first justice harlan have a black brother?     p. 122-144
Cottrol, Robert J.; Diamond, Raymond T. The second amendment: toward and afro-americanist reconsideration     p. 145-154
Delgado, Richard Words that wound: a tort action for racial insults, epithets, and name-calling     p. 159-168
Davis, Peggy C. Law as microaggression     p. 169-179
Lynn Johnson, Sheri Black innocence and the white Jury     p. 180-190
Haney López, Ian F. The social construction of race     p. 191-203
Delgado, Richard; Stefancic, Jean Why do we tell the same stories?: law reform, critical librarianship, and the triple helix dilemma     p. 206-216
Delgado, Richard; Stefancic, Jean Images of the outsider in American Law and culture: can free expression remedy systemic social ills?     p. 217-227
Bell, Derrick Serving two masters: integration ideals and client interests in school desegregation litigation     p. 228-238
Delgado, Richard Rodrigo´s Sixth chronicle: intersections, essences, and the dilemma of social reform     p. 242-252
Harris, Angela P. Race and essentialism in feminist legal theory     p. 253-266
Caldwell, Paulette M. A hair piece: perspectives on the intersection of race and gender     p. 267-277
Faber, Daniel A.; Sherry, Suzanna Telling stories out of school: an essay on legal narratives     p. 283-292
Austin, Regina "The black community", its lawbreakers, and a politics of identification     p. 293-304
Ikemoto, Lisa C. Traces of the master narrative in the story of African American/Korean American conflict: how we constructed "los Ángeles"     p. 305-315
Kennedy, Randall L. Racial critiques of legal academia     p. 316-321
Chang, Robert S. Toward an Asian Ameican legal scholarship: critical race theory, post-structuralism, and narrative space     p. 322-336
Barnes, Robin D. Politics and passion: theoretically a dangerous liaison     p. 337-342
Delgado, Richard Rodrigo´s chronide     p. 346-354
Delgado, Richard Affirmative action as a majoritarian device: or, do you really want to be a role model?     p. 355-361
Johnson, Alex M., Jr. Bid whist, tonk, and United States v Fordice: why integrationism fails African-americans again     p. 362-372
Brown, Kevin African-American immersion schools: paradoxes of race and public education     p. 373-386
Bell, Derrick The civil rights chronicles: the chronicle of the DeVine Gift     . 390-400
Delgado, Richard "The imperial scholar" Revisited: how to marginalize outsider writing, ten years later     p. 401-408
McCristal Culp, Jerome, Jr. Autobiography and legal scholarship and teaching: finding the me in the legal academy     p. 409-418
Waire Post, Deborah Reflections on identity, diversity, and morality     p. 419-427
Kennedy, Randall L. Racial critiques of legal Academia     p. 432-450
Espinoza, Leslie G. Masks and Other disguises: exposing legal academia     p. 451-457
Freeman, Alan D. Derrick Bell-race and class: the dilemma of liberal reform     p. 458-463
Delgado, Richard Beyond criticism-Synthesis?: left-right parallels in recent writing about race     p. 464-473
Ikemoto, Lisa C. The code of perfect pregnancy: at the intersection of the ideology of motherhood, the practice of defaulting to science, and the interventionist mindset of law     p. 478-497
Rusell, Jennifer M. On being a gorilla in your midst, or, the life of one blackwoman in the legal academy     p. 498-501
Evans, Monica J. Stealing Away: black women, outlaw culture and the rhetoric of rights     p. 512-515
Wing, Adrien Katherine; Merchán, Sylke Rape, ethnicity, and culture: spirit injury from Bosnia to Black America     p. 516-528
Montoya, Margaret E. Máscaras, trenzas, y greñas: unmasking the self while un braiding Latina Stories and legal discourse     p. 529-539
Haney López, Ian F. White by Law     p. 542-550
Ross, Thomas Innocence and affirmative action     p. 551-564
Grillo, Trina; Wildman, Stephanie M. Obscuring the importance of race: the implication of making comparisons between racism and sexism (or other-isms)     p. 564-572
Wildman, Stephannie M.; Davis, Adrienne D. Language and silence: making systems of privilege visible     p. 573-579

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