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Critical white studies : looking behind the mirror
Philadelphia: Temple University Press. 1997. xviii, 680 p. *
Responsabilidad ed. Richard Delgado y Jean Stefancic
ISBN 1 56639 532 1
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Autores adicionales Delgado, Richard, ed.
Stefancic, Jean, ed.

Resumen General

Graham, John R. The end of the great white male     p. 3-5
Gallagher, Charles A. White racial formation: into the twenty-first century     p. 6-11
Wills, Christopher The skin we´re in     p. 12-15
Brookhiser, Richard The way of the WASP     p. 16-23
Foner, Eric Hiring quota for white males only     p. 24-26
Ross, Thomas Innocence and affirmative action     p. 27-32
Trillin, Calvin Doing the white male Kvetch (a pale imitation of a Rag)     p. 33
Kae Grover, Bonnie Growing up white in America?     p. 34-35
Marrs, Jerald N. Growing up (what) in America?     p. 36-37
Fredrickson, George Whie images of blacks slaves (is what we see in others sometimes a reflection of what we find in ourselves?)     p. 38-45
Daniels, Doug the white race is shrinking: perceptions of race in Canada and some speculations on the political economy of race classifaction     p. 51-54
D´Souza, Dinesh Ignoble Savages     p. 55-65
Jones, D. Marvin Darkness made visible: law, metaphor, and the racial self     p. 66-78
Morrison, Toni Playing in the dark: whiteness and the literary imagination     p. 79-84
Flagg, Barbara J. Transparently white subjective decisionmaking: fashioning a legal remedy     p. 85-88
Ross, Thomas the rhetorical tapestry of race     p. 89-97
Delgado, Richard; Stefancic, Jean Imposition     p. 98-105
Bell, Derrick A. ... [ et al.] Racial reflections: dialogues in the direction of liberation     p. 106-111
Brown, Eleanor Marie The tower of Babel     p. 112-116
Douglas, Davison M. The quest for Freedom in the post-Brown South: desegregation and white self-interest     p. 117-124
Wright, Luther, Jr. "Soulmaning": using race for political and economic gain     p. 125-127
King, Joyce E. Dysconscious racism: ideology, identity, and Miseducation     p. 128-132
Horsman, Reginald Race and manifest destiny: the origins of American Racial Anglo-Saxonism     p. 139-144
Campbell, James; Oakes, James The invention of race: rereading white over black     p. 145-151
Field Van Tassel, Emily Only the law would rule between Us: antimiscegenation, the moral economy of dependency, and the debate over rights after the civil war     p. 152-156
Neal Cleaver, Kathleen The antidemocratic power of whiteness     p. 157-163
Wrigth, Luther, Jr. Who´s black, who´s white, and who cares     p. 164-169
Delgado, Richard; Stefancic, Jean Images of the Outsider in American law and culture     p. 170-178
Jones, Jacqueline Back to the future with the Bell Curve: Jim Crow, Slavery, and G.     p. 179-185
Roberts, Dorothy E. The genetic Tie     p. 186-189
Halewood, Peter White law and Lawyers: the case of surrogate motherhood     p. 195-198
Hovenkamp, Herbert Social science and segregation before brown     p. 199-209
Martínez, George A. Mexican-Americans and whiteness     p. 210-213
Lee Ansley, Frances Race and the Core curriculum in legal education     p. 214-219
Flagg, Barbara J. The transparency phenomenon, race-neutral decisionmaking, and discriminatory intent     p. 220-226
McCristal Culp, Jerome, Jr. Toward a black legal scholarship: race and original understandings     p. 227-230
Davis, Adrienne D. Identity notes, part one: playing in the light     p. 231-238
Hayman, Robert L., Jr.; Levit, Nancy The constitutional Ghetto     p. 239-247
Zalewski, Daniel Do you know this man?     p. 253-254
Jones, D. Marvin The curse of ham     p. 255-257
Perea, Juan F. Los olvidados: on the making of invisible people     p. 258-262
Ross, Thomas White innocence, black abstraction     p. 263-266
Rusell, Margaret M. Race and the dominant gaze: narratives of law and inequality in popular film     p. 267-272
Mahoney, Martha R. Residential segregation and white privilege     p. 273-275
Ammons, Linda L. Mules, Madonnas, babies, bathwater: racial imagery and stereotypes     p. 276-279
Everett, Anna The other pleasures: the narrative function of race in the cinema     p. 280-284
McInstosh, Peggy White privilege and male privilege: a personal account of coming to see correspondences through work in women´s studies     p. 291-299
MacKinnon, Catharine A. From practice to theory, or what is a white woman Anyway?     p. 300-304
Brodkin Sacks, Karen The GI Bill: whites only need apply     p. 310-313
Wildman, Stephanie M.; Davis, Adrienne D. Making systems of privilege visible     p. 314-319
Wright, Luther, Jr. Race and racial classifications     p. 320-322
Wildman, Stephanie M. Reflections on whiteness: the case of Latinos (as)     p. 323-326
Lee Ansley, Frances Stirring the Ashes: race, class, and the future of civil rights scholarship     p. 327-329
Mahoney, Martha R. The social construction of whiteness     p. 330-333
Cash, W. J. The mind of the south     p. 339-347
Feagin, Joe R. Old poison in new bottles: the deep roots of modern nativism     p. 348-353
Roediger, David The first word in whiteness: early twentieth-century european immigration     p. 354-356
Williams, Gregory Life on the color line     p. 357-359
Brookhiser, Richard Others, and the WASP world they aspired to     p. 360-367
Glazer, Nathan; Moynihan, Daniel Patrick Beyond the melting pot     p. 368-377
Cook, Philip J.; Frank, Robert H. The economic Payoff of attending an Ivy-League Institution     p. 378-380
Cappello, Mary Useful knowledge     p. 381-386
Johnson Black, Karen How did Jews become white folks?     p. 395-401
Barrett, James R.; Roediger, David How white people became white     p. 402-406
Karst, Kenneth L. Paths to belonging: the constitution and cultural identity     p. 407-413
Farber, Daniel A.; Sherry, Suzanna Is the radical critique of merit anti-semitic     p. 414-419
Piper, Adrian Passing for white, passing for black     p. 425-431
Howard Griffin, John Black like Me     p. 432-437
McCristal Culp, Jerome, Jr. The Michael Jackson Pill: equality, race and culture     p. 438-443
Gordon, James W. Did the first justice harlan have a black brother?     p. 444-457
Williams, Gregory Learning how to be Niggers     p. 458-466
Franke, Katherine M. What does a white woman look like?: racing and erasing in law     p. 467-470
Moraga, Cherríe La Güera     p. 471-474
Scales-Trent, Judy Notes of a white black woman     p. 475-481
Klor de Alva, Jorge; Shorris, Early ; West, Cornel Our next race question: the uneasiness between blacks and Latinos     p. 482-492
Chamallas, Martha; Shane, Peter M. A review of life on the color line     p. 493-498
Olson, Tod What is race, Anyway?     p. 499-500
Kagan, Jerome The misleading abstractions of social scientist     p. 507-509
Hacker, Andrew Caste, Crime, and precocity     p. 510-511
Halewood, Peter Embodiment and pespective: can white men Jump?     p. 512-514
Wooldridge, Adrian Bell curve liberals: how the left betrayed IQ     p. 515-518
Lind, Michael Brave new right     p. 519-522
Roberts, Dorothy E. Race and parentage     p. 523-527
Rosen, Jeffrey; Lane, Charles The sources of the bell curve     p. 528-529
Judis, John B. Hearts of darkness     p. 530-533
Bell, Derrick A. Thank you, doctors Murray and Herrnstein (Or, who´s Afraid of critical race theory?)     p. 534-537
Kanstroom, Daniel Dangerous undertones of the new nativism     p. 538-541
Polesky, Joelle E. The rise of private militia: a first and second amendment analysis of the right to organize and the right to train     p. 547-551
Ross, Loretta; Mauney, Mary Ann The changing faces of white supremacy     p. 552-557
Center for Democratic Renewal Hatelines: week of sunday, april 7, 1996     p. 558-560
Barnes, Robin Blue by day and white by [k]night     p. 561-565
Armstrong, James, Jr. The race question and its solution     p. 566-572
Langer, Elinor The american Neo-Nazi movement today     p. 573-585
Ezekiel, Raphael S. Talking about race with America´s klansmen     p. 586-588
Flagg, Barbara J. Antidiscrimination law and transparency: barriers to equality?     p. 589-591
Lee Ansley, Frances White supremacy (and what we should do about it)     p. 592-595
Bel, Derrick A. White superiority in America: its legal legacy, its economic costs     p. 596-600
Ignatiev, Noel Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity     p. 607-612
Ignatiev, Noel How to Be a race traitor: six ways to fight being white     p. 613
Delgado, Richard Rodrigo´s eleventh chronicle: empathy and false empathy     p. 614-618
Grillo, Trina; Wildman, Stephanie M. Obscuring the importance of race: the implications of making comparisons between racism and sexism (or other Isms)     p. 619-626
Halewood, Peter White men can jump: but must try a little harder     p. 627-628
Flagg, Barbara J. "Was blind, but now I See": white race consciousness and the requirement of discriminatory intent     p. 629-631
Frankenberg, Ruth White women, race matters: the social construction of whiteness     p. 632-634
Theo Goldberg, David Resisting racisms, eliminating exclusions: South Africa and the United States     p. 635-639
King, Joyce E. Dysconscious racism: the cultural politics of critiquing ideology and identity     p. 640-641
Mahoney, Martha R. What shoud white women do?     p. 642-643
Marie Brown, Eleanor Confronting racelessness     p. 644-645
Lee Ansley, Frances A civil rights agenda for the year 2000: confessions of an identity politician     p. 646-652
Race Traitor Magazine What we believe     p. 653
Mahoney, Martha R. Segregation, whiteness, and transformation     p. 654-657
Wilkins, Roger White out     p. 658-663

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