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Handbook of sustainability research
Frankfurt: Peter Lang. 2005. 757 p.
Responsabilidad ed. por Walter Leal Filho
ISBN 3-631-52606-7
Serie Environmental education communication and sustainability
Volumen (en la Serie) 20
Nota de bibliografía Incluye bibliografía
Autores adicionales Leal Filho, Walter, ed.

Resumen General

Brixler Robert d.; Joy James, J. Environmental socialization: the critical peripheral?     p. 15-29
Cousin, Rosemary A theoretical framework for measuring the sustainability capacity of modes of governances     p. 31-48
Fehér, Alexander; Konceková, Lydia An analysis of indicators for sustainable land use based on research in agricultural landscapes     p. 49-67
Hadjiyanni, Tasoulla; Williams Robinson, Julia Incorporating cultural issues in sustainable housind design- the case of Hmong     p. 69-95
Hubaceck, Klaus; Dabo, Guan ; Sun, Laixiang An analysis of Chinaïs water problems: a long term perspective     p. 97-120
Lawrence, Roderick J. Human ecology and its applications for sustainability research     p. 121-145
Ornetzeder, Michael; Rohracher, Harald Social Learning, innovation and sustainable technology     p. 147-175
Rainham, Daniel G.C.; McDowell, Ian ; Wilson, Jeff Does improving human well-being inevitably drain natural capital?     p. 177-204
Raudsepp, Maaris; Heidmets, Mati Sustainability as a regulative idea and norm of behavior: social and psychological aspects     p. 205-234
Reser, Joseph P.; Bentrupperbäumer, Joan M. The psychosocialimpacts of visitation and use in world heritage areas: researching and monitoring sustainable environments ans encounters     p. 235-263
Bell, Sarah The oil mallee project: sustainable industry development in Western Australia     p. 267-295
Buselich, Kathryn Transactional space: a transformative process for sustainability deliberation piloted with the Western Australian collaboration     p. 297-325
Fontaine, Guillaume Governance and the role of civil society: the case of oil and gas extraction in the Andean Amazon     p. 327-349
Gumpert, Gary; Drucker, Susan J. Media and sustainability     p. 351-369
James, Karli et al. Sustainable packaging systems development     p. 371-407
Kenworthy, Jeffrey R. Sustainable urban transpor: developing sustainability rankings and clusters based on an international comparison of cities     p. 409-437
Newmann, Peter Regional sustainability: principles and practices with a case study on Western Australia     p. 439-457
Leal Filho, Walter; Zickiene, Skaidre; Tamasauskiene, Zita An appraisal of the application of indicators for assessing sustainable development     p. 459-474
Ahlberg, Maurí Integrating education for sustainable development     p. 477-504
Barret, M.J.; Hart, Paul ; Nolan, Kathleen ; Sammel, Ali Challenges in implementing action oriented sustainability education     p. 505-534
Camino, Elene et al. Linking research and education to promote an integrated approach to sustainability     p. 535-561
Davis, Julio et al. Creating a culture of sustainability: form project to integrated education for sustainability at campus kidergarten     p. 563-594
Leite, Sergio; Freitas, Mario ; Séneca, Ana Promoting education for sustainable development thoug communitarian problem solving: a case study in the National Park of Peneda-Gerês     p. 595-622
Mosidy, Solly Is local government ready for a decade for education for sustainable development?: a case of Govan Mbeki municipality: South Africa     p. 623-639
Newmann, Julio; Abrams, Eleanor Reaching beyond compliance: obstacles to integration sustainability into decision- making processes in an institution of higher education     p. 641-664
Skanavis, Constantina; Petreniti, Vassiliki ; Giannopoulou, Kleopatra Model assessing responsible envirnmental behavior of educators in sustainable development programs     p. 665-677
Solís, Patricia My community, our earth: geographic learning for sustainable development     p. 679-704
Cole, Lindsay; Wright, Tarah Assessing sustainability on canadian university campuses: the development of a campus sustainability assessment framework     p. 705-725
Leal Filho, Walter Sustainable development communication: international approaches and practice     p. 727-738

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