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Comparative political dynamics: global research perspectives.
495 p.

Rustow, Dankwart A.; Ericson, Kenneth Paul Introduction     p. 1-4
Collier, David The comparative method: two decades of change     p. 7-31
Wiarda, Howard J. Concepts and models in comparative politics: political development reconsidered –and its alternatives     p. 32-53
Eisenstadt, S. N. The civilizational dimensions of politics: some indications for comparative analysis     p. 54-71
Chilcote, Ronald H. The search for a class theory of the state and democracy: capitalist and socialist perspectives     p. 75-97
Becker, David G. Beyond dependency: development and democracy in the era of international capitalism     p. 98-133
Keller, Edmond J. The State in contemporary Africa: a critical assessment of theory and practice     p. 134-159
Lynn Karl, Terry Dilemmas of democratization in Latin America     p. 163-191
Heper, Metin Transitions to democracy reconsidered: a historical perspective     p. 192-210
Bienen, Henry; Herbst, Jeffrey Authoritarianism and democracy in Africa     p. 211-232
The origins, processes, and outcomes of great political reform: a framework of analysis     p. 235-261
Von Beyme, Klaus The modernization of socialism: Glasnost versus Perestroika?     p. 262-291
Keddie, Nikki R. The revolt of Islam and its roots     p. 292-308
Eckstein, Susan How consequential are revolutions?: the Latin America experience     p. 309-351
Ashford, Douglas E. Explanining democratic welfare States: upply, demand, and context     p. 355-380
Hayward, Jack The policy community approach to industrial policy     p. 381-407
Pempel, T.J Japan and Sweden: polarities of “responsible capitalism”     p. 408-438
Ericson, Kenneth Paul; Rustow, Dankwart A. Global research perspectives: paradigms, concepts, and data in a changing world     p. 441-459

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