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At the risk of being heard: identity, indigenous rights and postcolonial states.
xii, 355 p.

Levi, Jerome; Dean, Bartholomew Introductions     p. 1-44
Shipton, Parker Legalism and loyalism: european, african and human "rights"     p. 45-79
Lee, Richard B. Indigenous rights and the politics od identity in post.apartheid Southern Africa     p. 80-111
Mandelstam Balzer, Marjorie Hot and cold: interethnic relations in Siberia     p. 112-141
Endicott, Kirk Indigenous rights issues in Malaysia     p. 142-164
Anderson, Benedict R Nationalism and cultural survival in our time: a sketch     p. 165-190
Dean, Bartholomeuw At the margins of power: gender hierarchy and the politics of ethnic mobilization among the urarina     p. 217-254
Levi, Jerome M Indigenous roghts and representations in Northern Mexico: the diverse contexts of raràmuri voice and silence     p. 255-292
McIntosh, Ian S. Reconciling personal and impersonal worlds: aboriginal struggles fo self-determination     p. 293-323
Maybury-lewis From elimination to an uncertain future: changingpolicies toward indigenous peoples     p. 324-334

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