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Cultural transformations and ethnicity in modern Ecuador.
811 p.

Whitten, Jr., Norman E. Introducción     p. 1-41
Stutzman, Ronald El mestizaje: an all-inclusive ideology of exclusion     p. 45 - 94
Naranjo, Marcelo F. Political dependency, ethnicity, and cultural transformations in Manta     p. 95 - 120
Whitten, Jr., Norman E. Amazonia today at base of the Andes: an ethnicity interface of ecological, social, and ideological perspectives     p. 121 - 161
Salomon, Frank Killing the Yumbo: a ritual drama of northern Quito     p. 162 - 208
Middleton, DeWight R. Ecuadorian tranformations: the urban view     p. 213 - 232
Bromley, Ray Market center and market place in highland Ecuador: a study of organization, regulation and ethnic discrimination     p. 233 - 259
Casagrande, Joseph B. Strategies for survival: the indians of highland Ecuador     p. 260 - 277
Scrimshaw, Susan C.M. Adaptation and family size from rural Ecuador to Guayaquil     p. 278 - 302
Brownrigg, Leslie A. Economic and ecological strategies of lojano migrants to El Oro     p. 303 - 326
Ekstrom, J. Peter Colonist strategies of verticality in eastern valley     p. 325 - 355
Macdonald, Jr., Theodore Indigenous response to an expanding frontier: jungle quichua economic conversion to cattle ranching     p. 356 - 383
Stark, Louisa R. Folk models of stratification and ethnicity in the highlands of northern Ecuador     p. 387 - 401
Fock, Niels Ethnicity and alternative identification: an example from Cañar     p. 402 - 419
Solomon, Frank Weavers of Otavalo     p. 420 - 449
Belote, Linda Smith; Belote, Jim Development in spite of itself: the Saraguro case     p. 450 - 476
Crespi, Muriel St. John the baptist: the ritual looking glass of hacienda india ethnic and power relations     p. 477 - 505
Muratorio, Blanca Protestantism, ethnicity, and class in Chimborazo     p. 506 - 534
García-Barrio, Constance Black in ecuadorian literature     p. 533 - 562
Schubert, Grace To be black is offensive: racist attitudes in San Lorenzo     p. 563 - 585
Salazar, Ernesto The Federación Shuar and the colonization frontier     p. 589 - 613
Descola, Philippe From scattered to nucleated settlement: a process of socioeconomic change among the Achuar     p. 614 - 646
Taylor, Anne-Christine God-wealth: the Achuar and the missions     p. 647 - 676
Yost, James A. Twenty years of contact: the mechanisms of change in Wao ("auca") culture     p. 677 - 704
Vickers, William T. Ideation as adaptation: traditional belief and modern intervention in Siona-Secoya religion     p. 705 - 730
Belzner, William Music, modernization, and westernization among the Macuma Shuar     p. 731 - 748
Whitten, Dorothea S. Ancient tradition in a contemporary context: Canelos quichua ceramics and symbolism     p. 749 - 775
Whitten, Jr., Norman E. Afterword     p. 776 - 797

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