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Another global city: historical explorations into the transnational municipal moment, 1850-2000.
x, 242 p.

Saunier, Pierre-Yves Introduction: global city, take 2: a view from urban history     p. 1-18
Brown-May, Andrew In the precincts of the global city: the transnational network of municipal affairs in Melbourne, Australia, at the end of the ninetenth century     p. 19-34
Laft, Nora Mediterranean connections: the circulation of municipal knowledge and practices during the ottoman reforms, c. 1830-1910     p. 35-50
Hanes, Jeffrey Pacific crossings? Urban progressivism in modern Japan     p. 51-68
Payre, Renaud; Saunier, Pierre-Yves A city in the world of cities: Lyon, France; municipal associations as political resources in the twentieth century     p. 69-84
Kwak, Nancy H. Selling the city-state: planing and housing in Singapore, 1945-1990     p. 85-100
Ewen, Shane transnational municipalism in a Europe of second cities: rebuilding Birmingham with municipal networks     p. 101-118
Soffer, Jonathan Mayor Edward I. Koch and New York´s municipal foreign policy, 1977-1990     p. 119-134
Hsu, Yon The municipal making of Transnational networks: a case study of Montreal´s twinning with Shanghai     p. 135-152
Robin, Silvia; Velut, Sébastien Latin American municipalities in transnational networks: reforming municipal government in Rosario, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay, in the 1990s     p. 153-172
Ewen, Shane Lost in translation? mapping, molding, and managing the transnational municipal moment     p. 173-184
Hietala, Marjatta Cities, competition, and cooperation: prospect meets retrospect     p. 185-194

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