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A century of revolution: insurgent and counterinsurgent violence during Latin America's long cold war.
Durham, USA: Duke University Press. 2010. 444 p.

Katz, Friedrich Violence and terror in the russian and mexican revolutions     p. 45-61
Olcott, Jocelyn Mueras y matanza: Spectacles of terror and violence in postrevolutionary Mexico     p. 62-87
Gould, Jeffrey L. On the road to "El Porvenir": revolutionary and counterrevolutionary violence in El Salvador and Nicaragua     p. 88-120
Miller Klubock, Thomas Ránquil: violence and peasant politics on Chile´s southern frontier     p. 121-159
Chase, Michelle The trials: violence and justice in the aftermath of the cuban revolution     p. 163-198
Guerra, Lillian Beyond paradox: counterrevolution and the origins of political culture in the cuban revolution, 1959-2009     p. 199-235
Winn, Peter The furies of the Andes: violence and terror in the chilean revolution and counterrevolution     p. 239-275
McAllister, Carlota A headlong rush into the future: violence and revolution in a guatemalan indigenous village     p. 276-308
Rénique, Gerardo "People´s war", "dirty war": cold war legacy and the end of history in postwar Peru     p. 309-337
Hylton, Forrest The cold war that didn't end: paramilitary modernization in Medellín, Colombia     p. 338-367
Robin, Corey You say you want a counterrevolution: well, you know, we all want to change the world     p. 371-380
Larsen, Neil Thoughts on violence and modernity in Latin America     p. 381-393
Joseph, Gilbert M. Latin America´s long cold war: a century of revolutionary process and U.S. Power     p. 397-414
Grandin, Greg History as containment: an interview with Arno J. Mayer     p. 415-421

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