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Asian biotech: ethics and communities of fate.
335 p.

Ong , Aihwa Introduction: an analytics of biotechnology and ethics at multiple scales     p. 1-54
Sunder Rajan , Kaushik The experimental machinery of global clinical trials: case studies from India     p. 55-80
Chen , Nancy N. Feeding the nation: chinese biotechnology and genetically midified foods     p.81-94
Thompson , Charis Asia regeneration?: nationalism and internationalismin stem cell research in South korea and Singapore     p. 95-117
Wilson , Ara Medical tourism in Thailand     p. 118-143
Ecks , Stefan Near-liberalism: global corporate citizenship and pharmaceutical marketing in India     p. 144-166
Adams , Vincanne et al. Governing through blood: biology, donation, and exchange in urban China     p. 167-189
Ong , Aihwa Lifelines: the ethics of blood banking for family and beyond     p. 190-214
Sleeboom-Faulkner , Margaret Embryo controversies and governing stem cell research in Japan: how to regulate regenerative futures     p. 215-238
Liu , Jennifer A. Making taiwanese (stem cells): identity, genetics, and hybridity     p. 239-262
Sung , Wen-Ching Chinese DNA: genomics and bionation     p. 263-292
Chen , Nancy N. Afterwords: Asia's biotech bloom     p. 293-300

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