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Burying the past: making peace and doing justice after civil conflict.
xvii, 350 p.

Biggar, Nigel Making pace or doing justice     p.3-24
Shriver, Donald W. Where and when in political life is justice served forgiveness     p.25-64
Forsberg, Tuomas The philosoohy and paractice of dealing with the past: some conceptual and normative issues     p.65-84
Minow, Martha Innovating response to the past: human rights institutions     p.87-100
Van Der Merwe, Hugo National and community reconciliation: competing agendas in the south african truth and reconciliation commission     p.101-124
Smyth, Marie Putting the past in its place: issues of victimhood and reconciliation in northern ireland's pace proces     p.125-153
Hamber, Brandon Does the truth heal?: A psychological perspective on political strategies for dealing with the legacy of political violence     p.155-174
De Brito, Alexandra B. Passion, constraint,law, and fortuna: the human rights challenge to chilean democracy     p.177-208
Sieder, Rachel War, peace and the politics of memory in Guatemala.     p. 209-234
Villa- Vicencio, Charles Restorative justice in social contex: the south african truth and reconciliation commision.     p. 235-250
Vandeginste, Stef Rwanda: Dealing whith genocide and crimes against humanity in the context of armed conflict and failed political transition.     p. 251-285
McCaughey, Terence. Northern Ireland: Burying the heatchet, not the past.     p. 287-303

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