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Conflict resolution theory and practice: integration and application.
xv, 298 p.

Sandole, Dennis Paradigms, theories, and metaphors in conflict and conflict resolution: Coherence or confusion?     p.3-24
Druckman, Daniel An analytical research agenda for conflict and conflict resolution     p.25-42
Clark, Mary Symptoms of cultural pathologies: A hypothesis     p.43-54
Burton, John Conflict resolution as a political philosophy     p.55-64
Warfield, John Complexity and cognitive equilibrium: Experimental results and their implications     p.65-77
Mitchell, Christopher Problem-solving exercises and theories of conflict     p.78-94
Broome, Benjamin Managing differences in conflict resolution: The role of relational empathy     p.97-111
Montville, Joseph The healing function in political conflict resolution     p.112-128
Avruch, Kevin; Black, Peter Conflict resolution in intercultural settings: Problems and prospects     p.131-145
Rubenstein, Richard The analyzing and resolving of class conflict     p.146-157
Brown, Brack Public organizations and policies in conflict: Notes on theory and practice     p.158-175
Warfield, Wallace Public-policy conflict resolution: The nexus between culture and process     p.176-193
Boulding, Elise States, boundaries, and environmental security     p.194-208
Scimecca, Joseph Theory and alternative dispute resolution: A contradiction in terms?     p.211-221
Murray, John Using theory in conflict resolution practice     p.222-231
DuPraw, Marcelle From theory to practice in environmental dispute resolution: Negotiating the transition     p.232-247
McDonald, John International conference diplomacy: Four principles     p.248-260
Van der Merwe, Hugo Relating theory to the practice of conflict resolution in South Africa     p.263-275
Sandole, Dennis Epilogue: Future directions in theory and research     p.276-284

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