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A will to survive: indigenous essays on the politics of culture, language, and identity.
xxii, 231 p.

Greymorning, Stephen Culture and language: political realities ti keep trickster at bay     p. 3 - 17
Irniq, Peter The staying force of inuit knowledge     p. 18 - 31
Behrendt, Larissa Eualeyai: the blood that runs through my veins     p. 32 - 44
Mann, Henrietta Of this red earth     p. 47 - 58
Churchill, Ward A question of identity     p. 59 - 94
Kackson, Moana Colonization as myth-making; a case tudy in Aotearoa     p. 95 - 108
Alfred, Taiaiake From sovereignty to freedom     p. 111 - 125
Venne, Sharon She must be civiized: she paints her toe nails     p. 126 - 140
Adams, Arleen The lessons of coyote and the medicine tree     p. 143 - 153
Montejo, Victor Mayan ways of knowing: modern mayans and the elders     p. 154 - 170
Selby, Rachael Tararua is my mountain     p. 171 - 180
Heavy-Runner, Bonnie A culture in crisis     p. 184 - 190
Greymorning, Stephen; Robes Kipp, Darrell A culture in renaissance     p. 191 - 199
Kamanâ, Kauanoe Reflections and feelings derving from a Pulakaumaka within my heart     p. 200 - 211
Greymorning, Stephen Hinono'eitiino'oowu' and the work of language survival Hiitoo3oobetit Neniice'ooke     p. 212 - 224

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