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Deregulation and its discontents: rewriting the rules in Asia.
Massachusetts: Edward Elgar Publishing. 2006. 250 p. *

Ramesh, M.; Howlett Michael Deregulation and its Discontents: p. 1-10    
Hira ,Anil Governance crisis in Asia: developing a responsive regulation     p. 11-28
Ramesh M. Globalisation and national regulations : race to the bottom, top and middle     p. 29-46
Lampietti J.A. [et al.] Powers promise: electricity reforms in Eastern Europe and central Asia     p. 47-79
Skoufa , Lucas A. Privatization and regulation of competition in electricity sector     p. 80-108
Wu ,Xu; Sulistiyanto,Priyambudi Independent power producers in Indonesia and the Philippines     p. 109-123
Todoc ,Jessie L. Power sector deregulation and the environment: evidence from the Philippines and Thailand     p. 124-150
Asher , Mukul G.; Nandy ,Amarendu Governance and regulation of provident and pension funds in Asia     p. 151-167
Goyal, Ashima Regulation and deregulation of the stock market in India     p. 168-192
Gunningham , Neil; Sinclair Darren Design principles for smart regulations     p. 193-211
Peha ,Jon M. Universal service , and the transition from state control to state-monitored competition     p. 212-227
Howlett, Michael Coclusion: the de/reregulatory cycle:: learning and spill-over effects in regulatory policy-making     p. 228-236

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