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A war that can't be won: binational perspectives on the war on drugs.
Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona Press. 2013. 341 p. *

Payan, Tony the many labyrinths of illegal drug policy: framing the issues     p. 3-32
Martin, William C. Cartels, corruption, carnege , and cooperation     p. 33-64
Moloeznik, Marcos Pablo President Felipe Calderon's strategy combat organized crime     p. 65-94
Correa-Cabrera, Guadalupe; Nava, José Drug wars, social networks, and the right to information: informal media as freedom of the press in northern Mexico.     p. 95-118
Benítez Manaut, Rúl Organized crime as the highest threat to mexican national security and democracy.     p. 149-173
Villalobos, José D. A federalist George W. Bush and anti-federalist Barack Obama? the irony and para doxes behind republican and democratic administration drug policies.     p. 174-192
Slack, Jeremy; Whiteford, Scott Caugh in the middle: undocumented migrants' expperiences with drug violence     p. 193-216
Staudt, Kathleen; O'rourke, Beto Challenging foreign policy from the border: the frty-year war on drugs     p. 217-238
Sabet, Daniel M. The role of citizens and civil society in mexico's security crisis.: p. 239-257    
Alvarado Martínez, Israel; Guillén López, Germán Regulating drugs as a crimen: a challenge for the social science     p. 258-284
Caulkins, Jonathan P.; Sevigny, Eric L. The U.S. causes but cannot ( or will not) solve mexico' s drug problems     p. 285-310

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